Anne-Chloe Destremau

    French lawyer by habit, Kiwi by blood, and gameworld builder by trade. As an edgeworker, I discovered the limits of what I thought was possible and then realized how small that was. Now I am in the vast nothing, navigating possibility with amazement for myself and others.

    I am having lots of Fun!

    Clinton Callahan

    Originator of Possibility Management, inventor of trainings Expand the Box, author of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and Goodnight Feelings, father of two home schooled daughters, since 1975 Clinton has focused on developing authentic adulthood and archetypal that open doorways into territories we were not aware that we were not aware of.
    On a worldwide search for the perfect donut!

    Expand the Box - Taupo

    Tauhara Retreat, Taupo, NZ


    6-9 December 2018

    Held by Georg Pollitt from Switzerland and Ana Norambuena from NZ, at Tauhara Center, a beautifully peaceful location, with a view on the lake.

    Possibility Lab

    Tui Community, Golden Bay

    13-16 December 2018

    Expand The Box - Tui

    Golden Bay Area,

    March 2019

    Expand the Box - Auckland

    Auckland Area

    March 2019

    Sword and Chocolate

    Wellington Area

    February 2019

    Possibility Lab

    Golden Bay

    April 2019

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